In the News... | "Fitness Days" Take Over Crestdale

Crestdale Middle School celebrated healthy living and physical fitness during its bi-annual "Fitness Days" event, April 11-12.  Physical education teachers, Mr. Andrew Cambruzzi and Mr. Neil Gerspach, hosted faculty and staff for a round of exercise during each of their classes. Eight to ten faculty and staff participated during each class, resulting in approximately 15 hours of cumulative planning time dedicated to exercising with Crestdale students.


The Physical Education team holds the event twice a year. The team asks students to encourage faculty and staff to exercise with them, writing personal invitations to all of their teachers. Participating staffers engage in rigorous athletic activity for 15-20 minutes. Students enjoy the company of teachers, support staff, and administrators. As a bonus, participants get to don their most comfortable athletic gear for the day!


When class starts, teachers jump in line with their students for the daily warm up and stretching routine, loudly counting through jumping-jacks in Spanish and clapping their way through lunges. Then the gymnasium moves to six fitness stations. Teachers and students group together, rotating through each station in 2-minute intervals. Stations include ladder drills, side-to-side shuffles, forward and backward tracking, squats, forward carts, and jumping ropes.


Mr. Cambruzzi remarked, "This was a great display of camaraderie and fitness." He added that the whole school looks forward to the event each semester.


The Physical Education team extends an additional "Thank You" to the Crestdale faculty and staff for promoting physical fitness and school spirit around the building.