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Students of the Month

Each month, our teachers submit recommendations for students of the month. Two students are selected each month and are presented with this award on our morning announcements during the final week of the month. Along with receiving this acknowledgment, students receive a certificate of achievement, and two prizes, one to benefit them inside of school and one to benefit them outside of school. We could not be more proud of our Students of the Month!

December Students of the Month

6th Grade

The Tiger team's student of the month is Ninos Espania. Ninos loves to learn! He is an enthusiastic participant in all activities in the classroom no matter what the subject. He is kind and helpful to the teachers and other students. Ninos embodies what it means to be a Wildcat and is a great role model for others. Keep up the good work and congratulations Ninos!
Rudy Vasquez Ocampo is a very responsible, motivated, and passionate student. He comes to school every day with a smile, an excitement for learning, and a dedication for going above and beyond. Rudy pays close attention to details and makes sure that his daily work is accurate and of the utmost quality. Rudy is a model student who sets a positive example for his peers. Rudy can usually be found helping his teachers with odd jobs, making sure his classmates understand the assignment, or helping people in the hallways. Rudy is a wonderful young man who exemplifies what it means to be a Crestdale Wildcat.
7th Grade
Patricio Aspero Fernandez del Campo is extremely polite. He is a role model to his peers. He is always on task and enjoys doing math! When students need help they go to Patricio. He is always willing to lend a hand. I have enjoyed getting to know Patricio and the wonderful person he is. Patricio is always participating in class and very helpful with other students. Patricio is an incredible help putting away Chromebooks every day in his ELA class. He comes to class with a positive attitude, helping his classmates and generally just being fun to be around.

Ana Paula Aspero Fernandez del Campo is a diligent, conscientious worker in her math class. Not only does she manage to keep up with her schoolwork successfully, she juggles several extra-curricular activities and is a brilliant artist. She comes into class each day with a smile on her face and is eager to learn. As her teacher, it is not only a joy to watch her achieve in math, but also to see her develop into such a well rounded young adult. Ana's art teacher believe's that Ana is a wonderful asset to our school. She is truly what I would consider a role model in the classroom and I know I can count on her for anything. She is extremely mature and working with her is a delight. As an artist, Ana commits herself completely and works to create exceptional pieces of art.
8th Grade
Thompson Broadway deserves to be student of the month because he works hard and takes pride in his academics. He takes initiative in asking for help and then pays it forward in helping his classmates. Thompson is a leader in his ELA classroom. He works hard and is always kind and respectful to teachers and peers. Thompson is always respectful, on task, and ready to help when needed in his Math class. He is honest and will admit when he doesn’t understand which is helping him to be successful in Math this year. Thompson is a respectful hardworking student that is dedicated to meeting success in science. Thompson is always on task and willing to assist his classmates. Thompson always has a great attitude and mindset when it comes to Spanish. He tries his best and is very helpful in class and works well with others.
Johanna Hill always comes to her ELA class prepared. She readily participates, and her responses are always thoughtful and enriching to the discussion. She is a pleasure to have in class! Johanna deserves to be student of the month because of her positive attitude, and her willingness to participate in and out of the Math classroom. She always goes above and beyond to help her peers with Math 1. 😊 Johanna does everything perfect everyday in her PE class. She always tries her best and is a phenomenal athlete. Johanna always helps others and makes them gain confidence and self-esteem because of her positive attitude. Johanna is a very hardworking Spanish student. She gives her best in school and still finds time to get involved in extracurricular activities and sports.

November Students of the Month

6th Grade
Kaitlyn Semm is a model student. She takes ownership of her own learning and adds much to class discussions. She advocates for herself if she doesn't understand something and is always willing to assist others in any way she can. Kaitlyn is also a natural leader in all of her classes. She is a great example of a Tiger role model. Congratulations Kaitlyn!
Malaysia Anderson comes in every day with a positive attitude and an excitement to learn. She brightens everyone's day with her bubbly personality. She never gives up and works diligently in everything that she does. Malaysia is an exemplary student and we are glad to have her representing the Lion's team. Congratulations Malaysia!
7th Grade
Arnav Srivastava is an extremely caring and thoughtful student. He always takes initiative in the classroom and doesn't hesitate to help his peers when needed. He comes prepared and is always pleasant and polite. He represents what means to be a well-rounded student and a true Wildcat. He is a wonderful student to represent the Jaguar Team!
Mia Lederer continually gives us hope for what the future holds. She is bright, courageous, thoughtful, and hardworking. She frequently attends tutoring to ensure she has complete mastery concepts taught in her classes and she will gladly help out another student who is struggling with concepts and ideas. She is the best of the best cougars!
8th Grade
Marissa Pietrykowski is a model student. She comes to class prepared and ready to learn. Marissa is hard working and helps other students when needed. She is a pleasure to have in class. She is always on top of her assignments and is always willing to help out her peers. She always goes above and beyond our expectations. Marissa is super sweet, always has a smile of her face, and is eager to help her teachers or her peers in any way. We could not imagine our classes without her in them.
Adam Bergs consistently shows respect and graciousness to other students and adults in this school. He comes to class prepared and eager to learn and does his best on all assignments. Not only is he exemplary in his academics, but he is also a polite and well-mannered young man. Great job, Adam! He is a great role model for his peers at Crestdale.

October Students of the Month

6th Grade
Yury is new to the country and has worked very hard to learn English. He is a pleasure to have in class and he participates in discussions while also being kind to everyone he works with. He wants to do well and his work ethic shows in his determination to do so! He is overall a wonderful role model for every Wildcat!!
Юрий является новым для страны и очень усердно работал над изучением английского языка. Он с удовольствием относится к классу, и он участвует в дискуссиях, а также доброжелателен ко всем, с кем он работает. Он хочет преуспеть, и его трудовая этика проявляется в его решимости сделать это! Он в целом замечательный образец для подражания для каждого Wildcat!
Cora is a positive role model for all students to follow. She is very hard-working, respectful, and kind. Cora participates in all classroom activities and she is not timid to answer discussion questions, which makes students like her stand out in a crowd. Cora’s work ethic coupled with a natural sense of curiosity represents the characteristics of a true Crestdale Wildcat!
7th Grade
Christopher Capote is a well-rounded student at Crestdale. His behavior is exemplary. Christopher is always on task and follows teacher directives. He treats his fellow classmates with respect & kindness.
Olivia Vega is caring, respectful, and responsible young lady. She is a diligent student with excellent character. Olivia serves as a positive role model for her peers. Way to go Olivia!
8th Grade
Grant Bergmann is a dedicated young man who strives to do his very best in all his endeavors. He is polite and inquisitive. He is ambitious and determined. Not only does he excel academically, but he also participates in extra-curricular activities like golf and drama. He is an all-around achiever and deserves the recognition for all he does.
Grace Vann comes to class prepared and eager to learn. She puts effort into every assignment and seeks to do an exemplary job regardless of the task. She enjoys participating in class and gives thoughtful, articulate responses to questions. It is an absolute pleasure teaching Grace and I could not think of a candidate more deserving.

September Students of the Month

6th Grade
Emily Duffy is a kind-hearted student who brings positive energy to the classroom. She is so willing to make others feel welcome, especially our new students joining the team. She takes initiative to be positive amongst her peers and make sure everyone feels included. She is a great team player and isn't afraid to advocate for herself and others around her. Emily is a great addition to our Tiger Team! Go Tigers!
Gavin D’Souza is a positive role model for all students to follow. He is very hard-working, respectful, and doesn’t mind helping his peers. He exemplifies leadership by actively participating in class and volunteering as a classroom helper. In addition, he maintains good grades, punctuality, and most importantly, a positive attitude. His work ethic combined with his sense of responsibility and citizenship is what makes him a true Crestdale Wildcat. GO TEAM LIONS!
7th Grade
Hadi Eljarieh displays a positive attitude daily and goes out of his way to be helpful to his peers. He takes leadership in assisting his teachers and classmates. Hadi goes above and beyond to be an active member of the Crestdale community, from holding open doors for everyone to pick up recess equipment that has been left by others. All four of his core teachers unanimously agreed that he displays outstanding character!
Kennedy Draper is a conscientious, responsible, and caring student who puts forth her best effort. She is willing to help others and provides positive feedback in the classroom. Kennedy is a role model for other students and is a well-rounded student!
8th Grade
Atenas Hidalgo-Pereza always has a smile on her face. She has a positive attitude and is determined to succeed. She comes prepared to learn each day and looks forward to a challenge.
Bryan Ramirez-Sanchez deserves to be our Student of the Month because he upholds all of the qualities of what it means to be a Wildcat. He is kind, always lends a helping hand to others, works hard and always has a smile on his face.