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Report an Absence

Use the online form at the bottom of the page to report a student's absence.

CMS families...
The school may request signed statements from a doctor for prolonged illness (5 or more consecutive school days). Doctor and dentist appointments should be made outside of school hours if possible. All absences are part of the student’s permanent record and also apply to the attendance policy. The school does not recognize or approve of student “skip days.” Such days will be considered truancies and will have disciplinary consequences. Please contact the school's office for any questions you may have.
Crestdale families...
When a student is absent, we ask a parent or guardian to notify the Main Office in writing which provides the reason for the absence. Phone calls are not documentation for excused absences. Parents or guardians have the following options for reporting an absence:
  • Complete the form below. *scroll down
  • Send a written, signed note, from a parent, guardian, or doctor when a student returns to school. (Notes should be taken to the Main Office prior to first block.)
  • Send an email to our attendance secretary, Ms. Williams.
Please include the date(s) and reason for the absence, and be sure it is turned in within 10 days of your child's absence. Excused absences are limited by law to a student's illness, funeral for an immediate family member, a doctor's appointment that could not be scheduled outside of the school day, or a court-ordered appearance.

Early dismissal is no later than 3:30 PM.

Students are not authorized to leave campus after their arrival without strictly adhering to Crestdale's checkout procedures. In order to leave campus during the school day, a student must have written permission from a parent/guardian. The note must be brought to the Main Office prior to first block starting. To protect the instructional environment within each classroom, students cannot be called out of class if a note is forgotten or for last minute early release requests.
There are no early dismissals after 3:30 PM.
All parents/guardians must show their photo ID when signing out their child. For the protection and safety of our students, no phone calls or emails for early release will be accepted.
All student early release notes must include the following:
  • Student first and last name
  • Student grade
  • Student ID number
  • Reason for early dismissal – all dismissals will be coded as unexcused until proof of dismissal (i.e. doctor's appointment) is presented
  • Telephone number where a parent/guardian may be reached
  • Date and dismissal time
  • Parent signature